Who Are We and… Who’s Steve?

Steve’s Build Blog is sponsored by The Syntec Group, a small sized start up architecture firm out of Chicago Illinois, that focuses on quality, value, and peace of mind. Syntec was founded by self-made entrepreneur Steven S. Salzman in 1984 and Steve currently remains as the president and chief executive officer of the ltd. Steve is the industry expert bringing his knowledge and expertise in architecture, construction, and healthcare to this blog in order to bring new knowledge and ideas into the built world. Syntec has been involved in numerous construction and design projects over the past decades all which fall within the commercial, residential, and healthcare realm of building, making the firm the perfect fit for this blog.

What’s It All About & How Does It Work?

In today’s horizon, Syntec Group’s primary focus as a company is to educate, inform, and bring their unique and specific ideas, topics, factoids, and content into the world and more specifically across to YOU, the viewers of this blog and members of our community. Syntec utilizes its industry experts within its firm to generate unique in house created content for each blog post that you can only find here! In Steve’s Build Blog you get a wide variety of content from current and relevant topics, to interesting facts in the Did You Know’s. Further check out our social media channels to see new and exciting content that you can not find on the blog, so you never miss out on what we work so hard to bring you. Whether its an addressed issue related to the building industry, breaking news, or just a mind blowing fact we guarantee that you will learn something new by tuning in

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A Little More Background…

Syntec Group is a unique and distinct company in comparison to its competitors and current movers in the market. Although small, the firm designs innovative building plans, models, and concepts that have not yet been achieved within any of today’s infrastructure. Syntec believes that buildings should not just be a box with four walls and strives to make dynamic spaces in which every aspect of the structure is utilized. Their designs are the modern front between logic and efficiency, where a Syntec building maximizes the specific type of productivity that must pertain within. The company focuses on applying modular construction within its building model due to its efficiency, ease, and environmental and cost effectiveness. However, the company does more than revolutionize the structures of tomorrow for they are changing the way these structures are built today, and even how the whole process comes together. Syntec realizes that the current building process itself is a messy and chaotic system that involves many moving parts and third-party participation. Instead of working around that, they seek to change it.

Syntec will be achieving what no architecture firm has done to date by currently reinventing the building process through the implementation of software and cloud computing to connects all levels of the building process into one seamless event. The company will have achieved success when it has brought to life its innovative buildings, designs, and processes of the future, today.